Friday, April 30, 2010

get up coachella get up.

visuals to go with the text

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

ella ella ay ay ay

so coachella came and went. it did not disappoint me like miu miu and actually exceeded expectations and let me tell u i built this weekend up like nobodies business. if you missed it ill be happy to recap a little bit for you.

day one- drove up and woke up with a flat tire but our seemingly useless dudes surprised us and repaired the car. (thank u solely to alex) eventually we made it to the grounds after a good 2 hours in gridlock and carly and i ran to a gas station to pee and caught up to gail still sitting in traffic. finally make it to the grounds and were hit with 12 dollar sneak attack water bottles (tip thats just for the special bottle there are 2 dollar bottles inside) super easy to sneak flasks and etc inside. first up is she and him and SHE (Zoey) is adorable and so is HIM (Matt). They sang and danced together and katy perry was chillin right next to me in a leather strap on.

now for the real downer... PASSION PIT BLEW. and not in the good sense. in the sense that their vocals were almost non-existent as well as you just couldnt hear anything and i was at the front of the stage.

yada yada yada ...La Roux was incredible and although the only thing i was tripping on was one too many hot dogs some man who was lit up with glow sticks and some sort of substance gave me a light show. he was a bit pissed when he asked me what i was rollin on and i said life....i'm a waste of usual?

LCD Soundsystem rocked my world and i danced until i fell on my face in the grass which is exactly the sortof vacay i was looking for. perfection.

im down to drive to pomona to see them if any one wants to join me?

vampire weekend came next but due to some mis-coordination, sweettarts and vanishing balloons we missed most of their set but it seemed to be pretty rad..those of you who know me know i have an awkward affinity for the movie nick and noras infinite playlist...(maybe because devandra makes a cameo in a bodega...?) so i clearly have an affinity for vampire weekend as their songs are prominent in this movie...

now Jay Z aka Hova...apparently sees everyone. I think he knew what kindof hipster crowd he was playing to and sang his previous radio hits, including Big Pimpin and 99 Problems. and beyonce made a surprise appearance singing forever young. she is the flyest chick in the game wearing his chain after all. Which really please me considering im not tooooo familiar with this genre and probably would have rather watched Fever Ray.

Now day 2 i think we had our act together and everything went real smoothly. we hit up toys r us and made sure to acquire some necessities - glow sticks, glitter glue, and paint pens. now we are official coachella pros.

we created a meeting spot called the left boob within the Heineken gates (a BEER GARDEN) and since no ones blackberrys worked the left boob served as our beacon of drunken hope to finding our friends and avoiding the underage 16 year olds who im still concerned about because their parents let them come.

saw beyonce and jayZ standing with us regular people during edward sharpe not to shabby.
and got down to some hot chip, yet another group picking up the slack passion pit left.

guetta. played i got on a guys shoulders wearing glowing fingers... and i finally got to see something besides the lower half of giant beasts backs.

yaddaa yaddaa-
tiesto headlined and let me tell you that was some rad shit.

day 3
we were fortunate to witness the likes of matt and kim (who went to my college i'll have you know), florence and the machine...and DRUMROLL- PAVEMENT. their first show since they ended their love affair as a band in the 90s. i peed a little and met some jackass who wouldnt shut up the entire set-after i asked him to shut his face- he asked my friend gail to get a drink in the boob. dumped me just like that.

we relaxed in the grass for thom york and danced to the gorilliaZ and raced to the car to avoid our first nights 2 hour walk and 45 minute wait in the parking lot.

it is worth mentioning the song we walked out too was i'm happyyyy feelin gladdd i got sunshine in a baggg.
i mean could that be any more perfect of an ending to the best weekend ever.


Tuesday, April 6, 2010

miu miu is a no no

thanks for absolutly nothing miu miu. you took my mental dick and smashed it into the ground. false advertising through every campaign.... those goddamn shoes i scrimped and saved and waited patientally on a waitlist...only to find out theyre not being produced.

miu miu you are a disapointment.